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Revelare Associates Helps Organize and Grow Businesses

We are focused on providing small to mid-sized businesses with unique and valuable business consulting and advisory outsourcing services. We provide highly professional accounting and financial management expertise to support your business as it grows and transitions from one level to the next. We acquire the talent to help you achieve the strategic goals and profitability that will yield the results you are looking for. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with your team, providing you with individualized attention and a deeper and more meaningful analysis of your systems, processes and revenue management.


Having our team manage bookkeeping will help your own staff improve their own internal processes and workflow, resulting in increased efficiencies and generating more sales and profitability.


The right financial advisory tools can provide you with key performance indicators that help you determine appropriate plans and hidden profit areas to help your business thrive.


We can help you determine the right exit strategy that optimizes your succession, and implement a transition that is beneficial and successful for you.

“Revelare Associates’ outsourcing services allowed us to grow our revenues over 350% in our initial year.”

Robert Sloe • President

“Revelare’s back office support allowed me to focus my personal time on sales and operations as I developed dozens of new customers.”

Heath Mayor • President

“Revelare has been extremely helpful in bringing more financial discipline and accuracy to our business. ”

Joshua Smith • Managing Partner

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