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Who We Are

Revelare Associates provides businesses with a team of highly trained and experienced business professionals who offer a range of specialized business, accounting, and financial advisory services to fit your unique set of needs. We think of ourselves as a Shared Services Network that will work collaboratively with your company.

More and more small to mid-sized businesses have begun to use outsourcing as a way to access professional accounting and financial management expertise, without putting an undue burden on your business’s payroll and jeopardizing your cash flow.

CFOs of big corporations have long known the benefits of outsourcing skilled accounting and financial management experts, as well as the technology tools to drive up efficiencies – and, in the process, their company’s bottom line.

Unlike the big, impersonal accounting and financial management firms, who relegate your bookkeeping, tax work, financial statements, and accounting to anonymous, junior level worker bees, we specialize in giving your business the attention it needs to streamline and improve your processes, maximize your cash flow and help you forecast and plan for future growth.

Because we’ve worked for all sizes of businesses in multiple industries, we understand how business’s needs evolve over time. By offering you a suite of services to fit the particular needs of your business – at each phase of your company’s growth – we provide you with a level of individualized attention and a deeper, more meaningful analysis of your systems, processes and revenue management.

Most importantly – we free you up to do the work you excel at.

Whether you are a small startup, getting ready to go global, or considering an exit strategy, we have the tools, training and team to support your business as it transitions from one level to the next.

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Our Managing Principal

Dennis Angrisani

Dennis is a highly experienced accounting and business operations professional with over 38 years of experience managing and growing smaller businesses. Dennis brings to your business multiple experiences as both a former CFO/VP of Finance and as the Managing Principal of Revelare Associates operating and growing small business.  Dennis is particularly adept at enhancing a business’ bottom line profits.

During his career he has worked with various distributors, manufacturers, professional service companies, restaurant and food service companies as well as smaller businesses for companies in the construction trades.  Dennis has also project managed various technology projects in the pharmaceutical, beverage distribution and manufacturing sectors.  Dennis also brings to your business multiple experiences in corporate financing, equity fund sourcing and in advising clients in how to maximize the exit their business.

Dennis Angrisani


Our Technology Principal

Tim Prosser

Tim is an accomplished technology professional with over 30 years of experience providing technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  Tim started his career as a technician and later progressed to become a member of multiple senior leadership teams.  Since leaving corporate life, Tim has spent the past 15 years focusing his significant IT expertise on providing technology solutions to smaller and mid-size businesses.  These solutions include software development, software implementation, network and server support, data security and backup and disaster recovery planning.  His clients have included various smaller businesses in the legal, healthcare and professional service sectors.

Tim Prosser


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